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Dr. Paulson’s research interests center on college reading in developmental education domains.  This includes readers’ deliberate and non-deliberate responses to texts and conceptualizations of literacy processes, utilizing approaches applied within a social-constructivist framework like eye movement research, miscue analysis, retrospective miscue analysis, reader stance, and metaphor analysis. His current instructional interest is focused on Integrated Reading & Writing. He has taught in a variety of institutions in the United States and abroad, including community organizations, language institutes, community colleges, and research universities.  The focus of his faculty  position is the preparation of doctoral students as research scholars in the field of developmental education.

He has published three books and numerous articles in journals like Reading Research Quarterly, Journal of Developmental Education, Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, Research in the Teaching of English, Journal of College Reading & Learning, the International Journal of Qualitative Methods, and others.   

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